Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sec 2 Exp Physics - "Global Culling Blade"

Top score: 46/50.

Total 69 failures (28%)

As mentioned before, the EOY paper will be tough, and there is no other way about it because we need the results for streaming.

So students who haven't been paying much attention in class or following through the assignments timely will find the paper very hard to handle. Even conscientious students may struggle, due to the limited time (1 hr) and the very narrow margin for any error or slight doubts in your Physics concepts.

I mention this before: "If you simply study the notes we gave you and go for a Physics test, you will FAIL." There's some element of practice but mainly you need to question the theory and truly understand just what the hell this equation/law/rule is talking about.

My last piece of advice is to NOT forget all the Physics you have learnt in Sec 2, because they will be tested again in Sec 3! Regardless if you're in a Pure Physics class or a Combined Science class...

All the best! Enjoy your break...while you can!

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