Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Very interesting answers Pt 2

First, let's start with some 'reruns' of mistakes....

Formulae get mixed up because they memorise the letters but not the definition!
Potential difference and Power both begin with 'p', hence...

Some have the audacity to repeat the exact same mistake as last time!

I'm not sure why but my students REFUSE to read the question. Even after I bold the words 'label all components'. Less than 10 out of 46 students actually labelled the diagram.

Another example of not reading the question. But I guess that's less condescending than assuming they do not know the meaning of 'vertical' and 'horizontal'?

Some are clearly confused... almost to the point of nonsensical.

I'm not sure to burst out in laughter or curl up and cry when I saw this...

"This way,I can at least get 1 of it correct!"
Yah, but it also means you will definitely get the rest of it wrong!

Not that I condone copying, but could they at least put some effort in disguising the fact they've copied?

my ears feel wet...is it blood oozing out?

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What in the name of....

...all that is sane and possess intelligence is she talking about?!?!?

todayy dunchhx noe whyyiie sho badd mood siiahh .
heart lyk berriie pain liddat .
haiishh .
ie reallyy dunchh noe .
haiix .
ie feel lykk cryinqq derhh feelinqqs .
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ie damn damn moodyy .
ie now owayys listen tuhhs manyy touchhiinq sonqs .
wan tuhhs cry osohh lyk tears carnort come out liddat !arqhhs .
wadd happen ?ohhs yarhhs .
wednesdayy ie jio manyy ppl qo TM .
bryan ; yiin quan ; manqq tiinqq ; su tiinqqclive ; miie ; yilinqq . .
iib ue wanna qo jushh tell miie iin msn .
okkayys ? ?
jushh tell miie . .
lols .
LOVE`forebamwackkx mwackkx . =DD

And by following her blog links, I can tell she's not the ingenious creator of this....new lingo. And it's not just RanDom capitalisation but there seems to be a particular order among the sentence structure and spelling anomalies.
Can anyone enlighten me? What is the name of this new language? Is there a convertor that can convert paragraphs of normal English into this blabble? I refuse to believe they can learn this 'new language' and yet fail in the simplier ones like English or Monther Tongue....

In case you're wondering, no I am not trolling among blogs of preteens, satisfying my perverted needs. But just a 3rd-4th degree link passer-by whom can't help but be extremely intrigued by this....

Monday, April 2, 2007

g, acceleration due to gravity

You're most probably familiar with the equation weight, w = mass x g, where g is the acceleration due to gravity. And g is usually given as 9.81 m/s^2

You may also know that g is more or less constant around us. But will you realise that since acceleration is constant irregardless of mass, should a feather drop and hit the ground the same time as a hammer?

Well, we know that doesn't occur because the feather traps air and has a much higher air resistance than the hammer. Hence the feather is slowed down by the air as it drops down. However, can you think of a place where you can do this experiment without the interference of air resistance?

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mTsrRZEMwA

Excellent video demonstrating density and heat transfer of liquid!

Can view the video here if the embedded one has problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH96MhITOlk


  • Oil is less dense than water, hence it floats as a separate layer on top.
  • Heat transfer in liquid is mainly via convection currents.
  • As the oil is heated on top of the water, very minimal heat is transferred to the water as there is no convection current generated in the water.
  • The goldfish tends to stay at the bottom of the tank. Guess why?
  • Question: Where does the goldfish obtain the oxygen?