Monday, October 18, 2010

Tracking (also called setting or streaming) the manner by which students are separated by academic ability into groups for all academic subjects within a school.

a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge

unmanageable: hard to control; not easy but not impossible

a difficulty that was hard to deal with

Global Culling Blade

- a term coined by mr guay to describe the level wide differentiation of the good, average and poor students in term of Physics understanding.

I have to agree the Sec 2 Physics paper was not easy to deal with but also not impossible. Which means it did serve its purpose: a benchmark to assess the suitability of your Sec 3 subject combination choice.

On a scale of 10, I would rate it 6 and 9. 6 because it would be an average paper for Pure Physics students; 9, because it would be a killer paper for the general Science (Physics) student.

Here's the result we have been eagerly awaiting.

my rating for you guys:

  • If you pass (C5-C6) - not bad but need to work harder to get an A in Pure Science

  • If you just fail (D7-E8) - you're suitable for Pure Science provided you actively ask questions to clear your doubts.

  • If you fail badly (F9) - taking Science (Physics) is the way to secure an A in O levels.

  • If you did ok/very good (B4 and above) - don't get complacent, you still need to work hard because it is really quite tough to get an A1 in Pure Physics (most students got A2).

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