Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What in the name of....

...all that is sane and possess intelligence is she talking about?!?!?

todayy dunchhx noe whyyiie sho badd mood siiahh .
heart lyk berriie pain liddat .
haiishh .
ie reallyy dunchh noe .
haiix .
ie feel lykk cryinqq derhh feelinqqs .
haiix .
ie damn damn moodyy .
ie now owayys listen tuhhs manyy touchhiinq sonqs .
wan tuhhs cry osohh lyk tears carnort come out liddat !arqhhs .
wadd happen ?ohhs yarhhs .
wednesdayy ie jio manyy ppl qo TM .
bryan ; yiin quan ; manqq tiinqq ; su tiinqqclive ; miie ; yilinqq . .
iib ue wanna qo jushh tell miie iin msn .
okkayys ? ?
jushh tell miie . .
lols .
LOVE`forebamwackkx mwackkx . =DD

And by following her blog links, I can tell she's not the ingenious creator of this....new lingo. And it's not just RanDom capitalisation but there seems to be a particular order among the sentence structure and spelling anomalies.
Can anyone enlighten me? What is the name of this new language? Is there a convertor that can convert paragraphs of normal English into this blabble? I refuse to believe they can learn this 'new language' and yet fail in the simplier ones like English or Monther Tongue....

In case you're wondering, no I am not trolling among blogs of preteens, satisfying my perverted needs. But just a 3rd-4th degree link passer-by whom can't help but be extremely intrigued by this....

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