Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Very interesting answers Pt 2

First, let's start with some 'reruns' of mistakes....

Formulae get mixed up because they memorise the letters but not the definition!
Potential difference and Power both begin with 'p', hence...

Some have the audacity to repeat the exact same mistake as last time!

I'm not sure why but my students REFUSE to read the question. Even after I bold the words 'label all components'. Less than 10 out of 46 students actually labelled the diagram.

Another example of not reading the question. But I guess that's less condescending than assuming they do not know the meaning of 'vertical' and 'horizontal'?

Some are clearly confused... almost to the point of nonsensical.

I'm not sure to burst out in laughter or curl up and cry when I saw this...

"This way,I can at least get 1 of it correct!"
Yah, but it also means you will definitely get the rest of it wrong!

Not that I condone copying, but could they at least put some effort in disguising the fact they've copied?

my ears feel wet...is it blood oozing out?

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