Friday, May 18, 2007

Very Interesting Answers Pt 3 - Graphical Humor

I think I deserve some comic relief after marking the mid-yr papers. And these sure put a smile onto my weary face! I'll show the correct graph, followed by the hilarious mistakes.
Type 1 -Quadratic curve.
This is the correct answer:
This student manage to draw a straight line....don't ask me how!

Type 2 - Histograms

Correct answer:

Variant 1: artistic impression of a histogram

Variant 2: I don't even know how the student plot this graph!

Type 3 - Cumulative Frequency Curve

Correct graph looks like this:
Variant 1: wrong axis produces interesting curves

Variant 2: "I love curves, let's do more!"

Variant 3: I don't like curves:

Last but not least, though not related to graphs, it's my personal favorite:

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