Thursday, March 1, 2007

Electricity - Links to web resources

This is a collection of links to electricity, DC circuit etc. Will be updated as I find more. - electric experiments - circuit diagram of hobby kits (advance!) - Java applet of simple DC circuit - Shockwave lessons on how to use multimeter: measuring voltage, current, resistance. - water analogy to electric current - online lesson on series and parallel - symbols for circuit diagrams - easy to understand and attractive lessons covering electrostatics, magnetism and electricity. Some applets and Shockwave as well. - comprehensive slides on electricity. Good diagrams and photos. - nice Java applets on Ohm's law and why resistance increase with temp. - on eletric fields. A levels but has nice simple diagrams. - very nice Shockwave introduction to elementary electricity. On conductors, circuit symbols... - mostly on energy sources but has quite a biton electricity

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