Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Me and my students have something in common...

Today, by the instruction of my co-form teacher Pearly, I presented my O and A level results to my class. This turned out to be a cacophony of oohs, and ahhs, and sure-or-nots and general outrage of modesty of my certificate folder.

Their reaction was something I didn't expect and frankly, I'm nonplussed. They were awed by my "unbelievable" results but, believe me guys, when you're elbowing for a space in the more competitive courses in local or overseas universities, straight As for us is as common as Physics common test failures in your class.

But my point here is, they fail to detect something (admist the...ahem...myriad of As) that I scored a C6 for GP-General Paper (equivalent of english) for my A-levels.

And yes, in my bunch of students in 4/3 Shuqun, there are some who are doing very well in all other subjects except for the omni-important English. Why is English critical? Because the entry score for polys/JCs always require the grade of the English examination plus 4/5 other subjects. And not only that, a pass in English is compulsory for entry too.

Citing my own example, I've took O-level Biology and subsequently A-Level Biology, because one of my greatest ambition is to be a doctor. I regard doctors as one of the most noble profession (that pays reasonable well...for a geeky guy with blood on his hands). But despite my almost perfect O and A level results, my C6 grade in GP means that I can't even qualify for an interview in NUS Medicine. And thus my dream of being a doctor is shattered.

In my sorrow, I took up engineering. Which landed me in RSAF, and now in teaching.

And it is with utmost irony, that I did badly for GP because when I was taking A-levels, I have no interest whatsoever in English. And only during my universities days did I develop taste for beautifully written english and well-articulate arguments. I credit that to the amazing comic/graphic novel Sandman, and the classic author Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Gray. I even tried Shakespeare but frankly I don't really appreciate it.

Still, it's not too late for you guys. I do hope you realise the importance of getting a good grade in English (and the idiocy of not attaining your dream because of English). I do have the whole collection of Sandman and also Dorian Gray, if you wish borrow.

Another way is to read well written blogs, that still is interesting! Or read whatever catches your fancy. And try to cut down on that internet/SMS lingo crap, lik msg in tis way cos it lewk waaay kool! It's da bomb! C u!

May wanna try these:

Enjoy the 1 week holiday! Cos it's gonna be hell after that! hehe...

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Wai said...

Sandman! :D Neil Gaiman rocks. :)